Who we are

Investment Holding

Entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour are the guiding principles from 25 years of investment history

Dr. Hans WehrmannChairman of the Executive Board Certina Holding AG

Unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln sind Leitbild aus 25 Jahren Investitionshistorie

Dr. Hans WehrmannChairman of the Executive Board Certina Holding AG

Family Equity Investor

CERTINA is a family owned industrial holding company based in Munich and Grünwald. We look back on more than 25 years of investment experience in various industries. We invest according to our principles of sustainability, continuity and corporate responsibility. Some of our companies have been part of the CERTINA Group since its incorporation.

As an operational investor, we focus mainly on companies in transitional and special situations and create value through industry expertise, technical know-how and many years of restructuring experience.


Independent Financial Resources

CERTINA exclusively uses its own financial resources, enabling us to act independently of financial markets and financial institutions and align our companies in a sustainable manner. This facilitates fast and autonomous decision-making processes with high transaction security for all parties involved.


In-house Competencies

CERTINA combines all necessary competencies under a single corporate entity. All transactions are holistically managed and implemented by our in-house M&A and legal department. Our operative task-force provides long-term and sustainable support to all CERTINA group companies. This approach ensures that CERTINA leverages potential for improvement and is involved in the operative business from day one.