What we do

Investment Strategy

We invest in companies with operational improvement potential and industries in transition. With our expertise, we enable these companies to concentrate on their core business, reduce complexity and develop future-oriented technologies and products with their main customers.


Dr. Stefan Brungs
Managing Partner CERTINA Automotive

Wir investieren in Unternehmen mit operativem Verbesserungspotential und Branchen im Umbruch. Diese Unternehmen befähigen wir mit unserer Expertise dazu sich auf das Kerngeschäft zu konzentrieren, Komplexität zu senken und mit den Hauptkunden zukunftsweisende Technologien und Produkte zu entwickeln.

Dr. Stefan BrungsManaging Partner CERTINA Automotive

Focus on Companies with operational Improvement Potential

CERTINA specializes in the acquisition and repositioning of companies in special situations. The focus is primarily on underperforming companies or parts of companies, whose disposal represents a strategic added value for the seller as well as the company.

Situation of target companies:


Non Core Assets


Company transformations


Special situations

Unresolved succession situations

Insolvency proceedings

Our expertise is particularly evident in the turnaround of companies with sales of between € 30 million and € 250 million.

Long-term Investment Horizon

We hold our companies on a long-term basis and develop them sustainably, which is differentiating us from exit-oriented financial investors. We pursue a classic Buy-and-Build / Buy-and-Hold strategy. Some of our companies, such as PRUSS and HORN, have been part of the CERTINA Group for more than 20 years.


Pan-European and extensive Industry Expertise

CERTINA has a distinct investment focus and invests on a pan-European basis in companies with value recovery potential. With more than 65 transactions in various industries, we have many years of experience in the field of corporate restructuring, ensuring a sound assessment of risk factors in various industries.