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AFT Group

Two New Projects For BMW

Modernisation of conveyor technology in the body shop at BMW Dingolfing, Germany

In October 2019, AFT Schopfheim received the order for modernisation measures at the body shop in Dingolfing plant.

Here the conveyor technology is raised to the new technology standard and thus made fit for a third runtime. In particular, all drive technology is brought up to date. Since the conversions are only possible in production-free time, the project will run for about 3 years.

Intercompany order for the BBA plant in Shenyang Tiexi (China)

In early June 2020, AFT Shanghai received an order to integrate new model series, including electric cars, into the existing body shop at the BBA plant in Shenyang Tiexi (joint venture with BMW, China).

Here the electric monorail systems (EMS) are expanded, new EMS vehicles are delivered and numerous hangers are adapted to the new requirements. AFT Schopfheim will carry out the engineering and purchasing of relevant purchased parts. All work on site in China, such as steel construction, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, will be carried out by AFT Shanghai.