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AFT Electric

AFT Electric overhead monorail for cockpit assembly at VW in Hannover


In 2018, AFT Schopfheim was commissioned to extend the electric overhead monorail system in cockpit assembly,

to equip it with two scissors lifts and two lift tables and to supply 65 new drives for accommodation of the load carriers. A challenge in the conversion was the complete replacement of the electrical control, without disturbing the production – which was successfully accomplished. The entire conversion was completed on time and to the great satisfaction of the customer.
In the VW commercial vehicles plant in Hanover, the so called “Bulli” transporter is produced. The converted cockpit system transports the cockpits from production through an adhesive system to the installation site. Here, the cockpit of the VW transporter is installed with the help of a handling device by the worker. AFT is currently preparing the system for the fully automatic installation of the cockpit by the handling device.

In September, AFT Schopfheim received the order to extend the electric monorail in the cockpit assembly and connect it to another cockpit assembly line.

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