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HORN GLASS Industries


The burner angle is a very important parameter, as it can have a strong influence on the melting process, furnace life and emission values. He further facilitates lower energy consumption. Therefore an accurate and rapid adjustment of the burner angle after burner replacement or cleaning is of utmost importance.

The HORN® Rapid Adjust Bracket H-RAB offers a simplified adjustment of the correct burner angle to get replicable values. With two adjusting wheels the operator can easily adjust both the horizontal and vertical angle. The centre point of rotation is the nozzle tip itself. Thanks to an integrated scale, the angle can be read off easily.

With regard to Industry 4.0 the holder is prepared for later installation of servo drives. With the input of additional information coming from NIR camera systems or other sensors the HORN® Rapid Adjust Bracket H-RAB bears the possibility of remote control.


This new burner bracket offers several advantages for our customers, which can be found at:

HORN® Brennerhalter