Pro Environment – Probiotic Monitoring of Microorganisms

The processing water in a paper mill contains a variety of microorganisms which are introduced into the system by way of the recycled paper among other things. Some of these microorganisms form slimy deposits, the so-called biofilm, which leads to disruptions during production. Other microorganisms cause unpleasant odours, brought about by their metabolic process. In order to counteract this, the germ count is regulated by means of biocides which are introduced into the water. A “side effect”, however, is that more and more resistant strains of bacteria are emerging which can eventually reach the rivers and our drinking water.

Since December 2016 we are the first and only paper mill to use “probiotic bacteria”. The process is very simple and fundamentally different from the use of biocides. We introduce microorganisms into the process water which cause neither biofilm nor odour, thus suppressed the unwanted organisms. We hereby minimize odour and inhibit microbial overgrowth and biofilm formation in a natural and environmentally friendly manner.

Our active commitment to environmental protection thus supports the breakthrough in the natural treatment of water systems.