Boehringer (BGP)

Kitchen planner for the system gastronomy and hotel industry

Boehringer Gastro Profi was founded in 1879 by the Boehringer family as the first wholesale company in Stuttgart. Since then Boehringer Gastro Profi has been dealing with products for professional cuisine and cultivated hospitality. The company is a brand-independent specialist for tabletop, catering equipment and canteen kitchen planning including installation and offers integrated system solutions for table culture and kitchen equipment. At two locations with sales and show rooms – Weingarten and Bonn – the in-house planning department develops individual systems with the customer.

In addition, BGP offers an online store as well as a field service, which accepts customer requests and develops an optimal solution together. Boehringer’s main customers benefit from the company’s many years of experience as a full-range supplier and come from the gastronomy, hotel and community catering sectors.

Headquarter: Weingarten, Germany

Seller: SEB Group

Year of purchase: 2020

Turnover: EUR 20 million

Industries: Gastronomy and hotel industry

Products: Kitchen planning for the system gastronomy and trade with gastronomy articles