CAM Systems GmbH

Software development for the aerospace industry

CAM specializes in the development and implementation of specialized software for the aerospace, defence and automotive industries. In addition, CAM assumes quality management and project responsibility for software projects for companies in these industries. The company has a broad customer base in the top 10 companies in the aerospace, automotive manufacturing and supply and defence industries. A series of partnerships complement the company’s own competence and service portfolio.

CAM advises on the application and utilization of software technologies, develops concepts and prototypes, designs and integrates customized solutions and assumes quality management and project responsibility as a long-term partner. Among our employees are computer scientists, physicists and engineers. CAM invests above average in the qualification and further training of its employees and certifies them according to recognized standards.

Headquarter: Munich, Germany

Seller: CS Communication

Year of purchase: 2007

Turnover: EUR 3 million

Industries: Aerospace industry

Products: Software development